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White Magic is Australia and New Zealand's largest supplier of professional microfibre cleaning products. Established in 2003 we specialise in innovation and quality.

White Magic is a brand dedicated to selling chemical free cleaning products. We started in 2003 with our Original White Magic sponge and have grown the brand to a variety of Sponges, Cloths and Mops. We source the highest quality products from around the world and sell them at highly competitive prices in stores around Australia and New Zealand

Every year White Magic donates a % of sales to Asthma Australia which is used to support community education programs.

One of the major triggers for some people with Asthma is household chemicals used for cleaning. White Magic has been promoting the use of chemical free cleaning products in Australia and New Zealand for over 10 years and White Magic is excited to support an organisation that helps people with asthma to breathe better.

For more information on how asthma triggers and how to better manage asthma, go to

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Free e Cleaner + ePouch Small & Large when you order over $100
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