Custom eBay Template and eBay Listing Designs

Custom and Professional eBay Listing and eBay Template Design

Swift Productions offer world-leading eBay store and eBay template designs partnered with solid eBay education. A perfect match, required for small, medium and large eBay retailer's that will give you an edge on your competition and take your business to the next level.

Our ebay template designs packages have been proven to increase your sales by up to 50%.

Here are a few key benefits of our eBay designs:

  • 100% eBay Compliant – The World's first eBay compliant listing and template designs, ready for changes eBay made to Active Content and HTTPS protocol in 2017
  • 100% eBay NextGen Store Compatible template design. All of our listing templates are compliant with the latest eBay policy effective from May 2018
  • Helps you take advantage of the biggest and most successful marketplace in Australia
  • FREE on-going support and advice for the life of your service with us
  • Superfast turn-around, artwork delivered within 7 business days
  • Dedicated account manager throughout the entire process

Desktop, Mobile and eBay APP compatible

Our unique and custom eBay listing template designs are 100% compatible with all of eBay's sites including the eBay APP.

Our eBay Listing Template Designs will work great on all devices and screen resolutions and sizes no matter if users are on their mobiles, eBay APP or desktop - the listing template will ‘adapt’ to allow them to view correctly without the frustration of having to zoom in and out to see certain information.

Another benefit of our mobile compatible ebay listing templates is that they will render fast on your mobile to ensure your customers a good experience with no delays or lagging.

eBay Responsive Designs

eBay 2019 Policy Compliant Design

Here at Swift Productions we work closely with eBay to ensure all of our eBay designs are 100% eBay compliant at all times.

With the new policy, eBay turn off ‘custom pages’ which, for many sellers, have been extremely valuable for providing their customers with all of the information they need to know about their business and products.

Our listing templates will allow you to have the same product ‘pages’ as you once did, pop up on the screen so you can continue to provide your customers with this information and be compliant at the same time.

We have also introduced the ability to add rotating slideshows in the listing templates to offer a cross-promotion and showcase other items and a global site notice so that you can put messages and notices on all listings at the same time without having to refeed or revise.

Research by eBay UK in 2011 found that sellers were mostly using ‘eBay design partners’ mainly for the reason that eBay partners are always up to date with the ever-changing eBay policies. Sellers don't want to risk having their eBay store shut down.

There are only a handful of official eBay partners worldwide and we are glad to say that we are one of them and have been for many years.

The close relationship between Swift Productions and eBay ensures that our clients get the best service and designs and are updated when policy changes happen.

eBay compliance policy eBay compliance policy

Our eBay Templates are compatible with everyone

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