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Currently we require immediate payment for purchases and only accept payment via PayPal.

For Customer Support enquiries please contact us at:

Terms and Condition

By purchasing any item in our eBay store, you indicate that you have read and accepted the below terms and conditions.


We do our best to provide accurate cosmetic grading of all items that we sell. This grading process can be subjective as the way our technicians may determine a phone is in Good or Great or Fair condition may differ from that of a buyer. We strongly advise our buyers to look at the condition example photos for an accurate representation of how the device they receive will appear.


Our return policy changes depending on the item for sale. Please refer to the item description of the device you wish to purchase to see which terms apply to you. In general, we allow returns for any reason within 30 days under our Satisfaction Guarantee for 'working' items (ie items not specifically stated in the description as having a fault).

Many of our 'working' items also come with a free extended warranty to give you additional peace of mind when buying from us :) Please refer to the item you wish to purchase for information regarding the length of warranty.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns on 'faulty' items. These items are intended to be purchased to be used for spare parts and do not come with any guarantees. Please refer to the individual item you wish to purchase in regards to the return policy.


All phones and devices sold by Green Gadgets Australia are 100% genuine, brand name items. We upload the IMEI/Serial number of every device into a police database to cross check against that item having possibly being reported as lost or stolen. If we ever receive a fake device, it is immediately destroyed once discovered. We will however provide 3rd party accessories with items when we do not have genuine accessories such as USB cables, headphones and/or wall chargers. We have reliable sources for these products and will replace an accessory if found to be faulty.

We discontinued providing wall adapter for USB cables due to media reports of health and safety concerns. Should you require a USB wall adapter, we strongly advise our customers to purchase a genuine charger either locally or online from a reputable vendor.

IMEI Numbers

We record the IMEI and/or serial number of every device that we sell. If you return a device to us that does not have the same IMEI as the phone we shipped you, we will not accept the return under any conditions.


All items that are sold in the category ‘For Parts or Repair’ are being sold As-Is. We do our best to describe these items however we cannot guarantee the functions will be working. Often times a device may have damage such as water damage and at the time we test the device a certain function could be working however this may change by the time it is sold and shipped. Unless there is something that was most definitely overlooked at the time of testing or listing the device, we will NOT accept returns for these devices.