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The following information is to be used for reference purposes only and does not constitute advice.

Amethyst: The stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Amethyst promotes calm and serenity, dissolving negativity and assisting with stress relief. Amethyst increases spiritual awareness and assists in mediation and concentration. Famous for its detoxifying qualities, it helps people suffering from frustrations and addictions. A good stone for clarifying and remembering dreams.
Chakra: Third eye and crown

Citrine: Increases self confidence, self-esteem and intellectual functions. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Good for the digestive system, kidneys, liver, spleen, urinary systems and intestines. Helps with stomach tension, food allergies and disorders. Citrine is also used as an elixir for menstrual disorders, PMS and symptoms of menopause. Citrine absorbs and dissolves negative energy.
Chakra: Solar plexus and third eye

Coral: Coral is known to balance emotions, bring peace and facilitate intuition. Coral strengthens bone structures and circulation. It stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes blood.  Coral is used in folk remedies against Osteoporosis and in menopausal women and is good for the reproductive system.

Red Coral is known for stimulating energy, warmth and fertility. It is good for blood and circulation issues.
Chakra: Heart

Garnet: Garnet balances emotional states, including stress and anger which are held and not expressed. Garnet is also the stone of passion and commitment. It sparks creativity and sexual energy. Clears emotion and encourages feelings of hope and joy. Garnet drives away fatigue, depression and stimulates imagination.  It is related to women’s menstrual cycle and can be helpful for problems with blood circulation.
Chakra: Root and the 2nd or Sacral/Spleen Chakra.

Kyanite: Grounding and tranquil. Kyanite bridges the gap between the spiritual and the physical. Good for meditation and attuning with the spirit. Kyanite brings out our natural ability to manifest via thoughts and visualisations. Restores energy balance and creates tranquillity.
Chakra: Throat

Onyx: Balancing and grounding as it absorbs and flattens out emotional intensity. Assists to banish grief and enhance self control. Onyx helps with decision-making, promotes personal strength and brings balance to the mind and body. Good for those who are flighty by nature. Assists with self-confidence and is good for teeth and bones.
Chakra: Base, solar plexus and throat.

Pearl: Balances emotions, especially for water signs. Absorbing and nurturing by nature, pearls are mentally stabilizing, generate beautiful skin and clear toxins. Pearls can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension. They promote sounds sleep and are commonly used to prevent or overcome fatigue.  Pearls are in tune with emotions, water, women and especially pregnant women.
Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral/Spleen

Peridot: Balances the emotional mind and promote personal freedom. Reduces depression, stress, anger and jealousy.  Used by the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and Incas to cleanse, detoxify and heal the glandular system as well as the liver and skin. Also good for mental cleansing.
Chakra: Heart (more green stones) Solar Plexus (more yellow stones)

Crystal /Quartz: The greatest of all the healing stones. Promotes harmony and healing by stimulating the natural crystal in body tissues. It is therefore good for general healing and is the stone of wisdom. Quartz amplifies psychic energy and aids in meditation.  Works on all levels of mind, body and soul.

Clear Quartz: Amplifies both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in clarity of thinking, meditation and cleansing. Considered to be the ‘stone of power.

Smokey Quartz: A grounding stone that helps reduce depression and negative emotions.
Chakra: all

Ruby: Attracts love, wealth, joy and sexual energy. Good for the blood and circulation and stimulates nurturing emotions. Strengthens self-confidence, stamina, courage and decision making. Amplifies energy (both positive and negative). Ruby helps in all matters of love of ourselves and promotes sexual energy. Protects against unhappiness nightmares, harm and illness.
Chakra: Heart.

Silver: Excellent for mental, physical cleansing and emotional balance. Clears mental activities and increases ability to approach intellectual problems.

Silver Setting: increases the power of most stones.

Topaz: Soothes physical pain, promotes peace and calms emotions. It promotes forgiveness, individuality, self-confidence and creativity. Topaz counteracts negative emotions.

Tourmaline: A powerful stone which strengthens body, spirit and the meridians, balancing all the Chakras. A stone of protection for the wearer. Tourmaline helps you to stand up for yourself promoting confidence, self realization, inspiration, tolerance and compassion. Alleviates fear and diminishes a ‘victim’ mentality. Transforms negative thoughts and finds equilibrium between Yin and Yang, the male and female energies. A healing stone.

Turquoise : An overall healer for both the physical body and mental or emotional issues. A stone of protection and communication as it tunes in to the energies of the wearer, assisting with getting more in tune with others. Recommended for healers, those involved in negotiations and people who rely on communication skills to get complex ideas across. Turquoise is one of the oldest and most universal gemstones used by almost every culture. It is an ancient absorber of negativity and is good for meditation and spirituality. Like amethyst, it protects and detoxifies. Treats creativity block and depression. Attracts friendships and happiness and releases shame and guilt.
Chakra: All, particularly the throat

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