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Terms of Sale

1. General Conditions

a) Auto Parts Centre is the trading name of The a2z Company Pty Ltd. The warranty terms and conditions in this document are under The a2z Company Pty Ltd Trading as Auto Parts Centre.

b) A contract for the supply and purchase of goods and/or services will be entered on these Terms and conditions immediately when a customer requests for the supply of goods and/or services, whether verbally, in writing, or through any other means of communication, goods and/or services have been supplied accordingly.

c) We are not responsible for Damage or loss of income due to delay of failure to supply goods ordered/sold.

d) All payments must be finalised before dispatch.

e) Auto Parts Centre cannot accept returns on specially ordered parts or cut body sections. No refund, credit or exchange is payable to the customer by Auto Parts Centre.

f) Quotes are valid for 7 days only or while stocks last, prices subject to change without notice.

g) Limit of Liability does not exceed the original purchase price.

2. Warranty

a) Labour costs will not be met unless prior arrangements have been made with Auto Parts Centre. Warranty does not cover any unauthorized repairs without our written consent. Any repairs carried out without our written consent will be at the customer’s own expense.

b) Auto Parts Centre offers a parts replacement warranty (labour is covered on reconditioned items only) from the date of invoice on used parts as set out below.

i. Reconditioned Parts - 3 months
ii. Mechanical Parts & Electrical - 3 months

c) When an Engine or gearbox is sold as long bare, for convenience, the accessories that are left on e.g. manifolds, distributor, starter motor, injectors, carburettor, diesel pump injectors, water pump and electrical components etc are not covered by this warranty and Auto Parts Centre does not accept any liability for any loss caused by using these items.
Engines have a 90 day Parts warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise expressed in writing

d) Some parts may be sold on exchange basis, core deposit will be required until we receive the exchange item. Core deposits will be refunded when exchange item is received.

e) Warranty is void if parts are dismantled or tampered with or does not have the in-house marking/labelling Auto Parts Centre have made to the item. Items returned under warranty must be complete as sold and in original condition and accompanies with and original invoice of purchase.

f) Warranty for major mechanical items will be void if there is a failure or defect caused by the following situations:

i. Improper instillation or incorrect application
ii. Overheating or overloading/ Heat tab removal
iii. Insufficient or incorrect oil and/or lubricants
iv. Failure to carry out correct maintenance
v. Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantling
vi. Misuse, negligence or accidents.

g) In the event of any signs of malfunction, it is the customer’s responsibility to cease operation and advise Auto Parts Centre immediately. Failure to comply with the condition may result in further serious damage that will void any warranty entitlement.

h) Holding deposits from a customer for a part is valid for 7 days, the deposit will be forfeited and the Parts will be resold if the purchase is not completed within 7 days.

i) In the event of any dispute, a mutually acceptable third party opinion is to be obtained to adjudicate on claims.

3. Freight and Returns

a) Any parts retuned will be at the cost of the buyer unless Auto Parts Centre has been notified and appropriate written authorisation given. Freight charges will not be accepted by Auto Parts Centre if there is a failure to comply.

b) Items sent (arranged on behalf of customer) are not insured. Auto Parts Centre accepts no liability for damages incurred by couriers. Auto Parts Centre accepts no liability for freight misplacement incurred by freight services. Auto Parts Centre only orders freight on behalf of customers, and takes no responsibility for any freight related matters.

c) Goods not required must be returned within 7 days at the expense of the purchaser. A 25% handling fee will apply. Goods returned after 7 days will not be accepted for credit.

d) For any faulty parts returned, Auto Parts Centre will re-supply the part at its own expense, including freight. Should Auto Parts Centre not be able to re-supply the part, a refund will be issued and Auto Parts Centre will not be liable for any consequential loss, damage or loss of income due to delay of failure to re- supply goods ordered/sold.

e) Redelivery – Should the buyer not be home or present at the address supplied for deliveries arranged on behalf of the customer, Auto Parts Centre will not be liable for redelivery charges. The buyer will be responsible for any redelivery fees.

f) For parts incorrectly supplied by fault of Auto Parts Centre, the customer will be re-supplied at the expense of Auto Parts Centre.

g) Credit notes are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.


Heat Tabs have been fitted to all engines. Warranty will be void if tab is removed or melted. For warranty acknowledgement purposes, it is mandatory that radiators are serviced, all filters, oil seals, water pumps and timing belts, fan belts, hoses be replaced as warranty claims are not acknowledged if these terms are not met.

Proof/ dated receipts will be required in the event of a claim..