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What is your delivery policy?

Easy sunglass shopping means never having to pay for delivery. So at Sunglass Hut, we provide free delivery on every eBay order within Australia. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your order. This includes capital cities and regional areas. For security purposes, we're unable to redirect a package which has already been sent. If our delivery provider is unable to deliver the package to the address you provided, the parcel will be returned to our fulfilment centre and processed as a return.

How do I order from your eBay store?

If you would like to purchase a product, click on the “Buy It Now” button to add it to your shopping cart. You can add as many products as you like to your shopping cart, and edit the quantities and products by clicking on the cart icon in the top right hand corner of the page. When you would like to proceed to payment, select your payment method and click on the Confirm and pay button to finalise your purchase order.

How do I see my order information once I’ve placed my order?

A confirmation email with your order information will be sent to your email address. If you have misplaced your confirmation email you are also able to log into your eBay account and view your past orders. You can access your order information in your eBay account by going to My eBay and selecting Purchase History.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped from our fulfilment centre, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your shipping tracking details from both Sunglass Hut and eBay. You can also access the estimated delivery date for your item and your item tracking number in your eBay account by going to My eBay and selecting Purchase History.

What is your returns and exchanges policy?

Free and Easy Returns

Sometimes things just don't work out. And we totally understand. So if you're not thrilled with your purchase, you've got 90 days to return it for either a full refund or an exchange. You’ll need proof of purchase (i.e.: your receipt), and the shades in original condition.

How can I return an item?

Returning online purchases by mail is super easy and always free. Here's what to do:

1. Login to your eBay account, click on My eBay, Purchase History, then click on Return this item 2. Repackage your purchase, making sure to include your proof of purchases, returns form, along with your order number, name, address and telephone number. Please download the returns form here 3. Fasten your free returns label to your package 4. Drop your package at any Australia Post 5. Track your return at

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days to process your return once it's received at our Customer Care
Centre. Remember, your package needs to be post-marked on or before 90 days after your purchase for a refund. Refunds will be issued in the same form as your original payment method.

Our Free Return Shipping uses a regular registered service. Customers bear the risk of loss for all items shipped to Sunglass Hut until Sunglass Hut accepts and receives the delivery from Australia Post at Sunglass Hut's Customer Care Centre.

If you don't want to use Free Return Shipping, you can always mail your package back on your own to the following address:

Sunglass Hut Customer Care Centre
Attention: Online Returns
75 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113

How can I exchange an item?

If you would like to exchange something you purchased from our eBay store within 90 days, you are able to do so at any of our Sunglass Hut stores. Excludes Sunglass Hut stores within Myer. Unfortunately, we are not able to exchange something you purchased online via email or phone. If you are not able to visit a store, please follow the returns process listed above, and place a new order.

What payment methods can I use?

Our Sunglass Hut eBay store accepts payments via PayPal and Credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). All payments are in AUD.

How should I care for my sunglasses?

Keeping your sunglasses polished will help them - and you - look great and perform well. However, premium sunglasses and especially their lenses require careful treatment. Improper care can damage lenses, resulting in scratches or haziness, which in turn may cause eyestrain.

So, the best way to polish your sunglasses is by gently rubbing them with a lens polishing cloth and a liquid cleaner specifically designed for eyewear lenses, or with a pre-moistened lens towelette. It's also a good idea to occasionally bring them into a Sunglass Hut store for a complimentary in-store polishing and adjustment. Find a store near you.

To avoid damage, never polish your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing, which can grind dust and fibres into lenses and leave scratches. Also avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don't harm lenses, today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings. Glass cleaners especially are highly corrosive and can damage your lenses quickly. They are not designed for use on the non-glass lens materials used in sunglasses.

While none of these products will do immediate apparent damage to your senses, over time and with repetition, the damage will become visible.

What if I need my sunglasses adjusted?

Keep your sunglasses in top condition by using our complimentary in-store polishing and adjustment services. Please visit our Sunglass Hut website to find a store near you.

Where do I get my sunglasses repaired?

Bring your purchase back to us in store and we will look after you. Please visit our Sunglass Hut website to find a store near you.

What does “polarised” mean?

Polarised lenses fight glare by minimizing the passage of undesirable light to the eye. The result is sharper vision, more vivid colour and greater depth perception. Polarised lenses are designed to reduce reflected glare off horizontal surfaces, such as water, roads, snow, windshields etc. This is accomplished by only allowing certain light wave vibrations (glare-free light) to pass through the lens. Polarised lenses enhance depth perception and colour vibrancy.

What does “photochromatic” mean?

Photochromatic lenses darken with UV exposure, adjusting to a variety of light conditions.

What are anti-reflective lenses?

Anti-reflective lenses reduce distracting reflections that can bounce off the back of the lens into the eye.

Anti-reflection is a treatment designed to reduce reflections on lens surfaces by absorbing the light to enhance visual acuity. On the back of the lens, they prevent sunlight from coming in from behind and reflecting off the back of the lens into the eyes.

What are the benefits of gradient lenses?

Gradient lenses fade from a darker tint to a lighter tint, allowing for comfortable vision over a wide range of distance and lighting conditions.

Why might I want interchangeable lenses?

Frames that have interchangeable lenses let you swap out lenses for different fashion looks or for performances requirements.

What are the benefits of mirrored lenses?

Mirrored lenses have reflective coating that reduces the amount of light passing through to the eye.

Mirrored lenses have a thin metallic treatment (silver dioxide) applied to a sunglass lens to create the mirrored look. The mirror coating reflects more light from the front surface of the lens, which improves the reduction of visible glare.

How do I find my frame size?

To find your frame size, measure your features according to this guide:

Eye Size: Measured from outermost edges of lenses horizontally. Approx. 40mil - 62mil

Bridge Size: The distance between lenses. Approx. 14mil - 24mil

Temple Size: Length of the temple piece - also known as the arm piece or earpiece. Approx. 120mil - 150mil

What difference do lens colours make?

All colours absorb light differently. Lens colours determine which parts of the light spectrum pass through the lens to your eye.

  • Grey or "smoked" lenses protect eyes from dangerous ultraviolet radiation without distorting colours. They reduce glare and absorb the same quality of light at any wavelength, which makes them good for driving, prolonged wear and general use. Neutral shade for true perception with the least colour distortion. Colours are seen in their natural state relative to one another because colours pass through evenly. Maintains normal depth perception. Good for bright sunny days
  • Brown lenses are good for general use. Like yellow lenses, they filter out a large proportion of blue light, but they offer greater clarity and contrast, and help you maintain optimal vision even in irregular light. Good for golf, cycling or shooting.
  • Yellow lenses filter out near-UV blue light while allowing a larger percentage of other frequencies through. Since blue light creates glare, these lenses make everything really bright and sharp. Just don't use them for anything that requires accurate colour perception. With yellow lenses, colours are very distorted. Good for rainy conditions, shooters and night time use.
  • Green lenses offer the highest contrast and greatest visual acuity of any tint. They also filter some blue light and reduce glare. This filter is recommended for prolonged use in extreme conditions. Good for general use.
  • Purple and rose lenses offer the best contrast for object against a green or blue background, making them ideal for water sports. Good for high speed activities like snow sports and water sports.
  • Blue lenses are a cosmetic tint that enhances contrast. Good for increased colour contrast.

Can I purchase gift cards from Sunglass Hut’s eBay store?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase from Sunglass Hut’s eBay store.

Can I make a purchase on eBay with a Sunglass Hut gift card?

No, you cannot make a purchase on eBay with a Sunglass Hut gift card. You can however make a purchase on Sunglass Hut’s website or at any Sunglass Hut store.

Can I return a gift card?

Unfortunately, a Sunglass Hut gift card cannot be returned. Gift cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue. You can always do with a new pair of sunglasses. Sunglass Hut Gift Cards are redeemable within 12 months of purchase, online and in stores.

What if I lose my gift card?

Sunglass Hut gift cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged and are subject to the terms on the card.