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In Search of Paradise

In Search of Paradise is a survey of the great gardens of the world, presented through photographic images and the descriptions of the garden designer and writer Penelope Hobhouse. Here you will find the oases of the Middle East, the gardens of Chinese scholars, Japanese sages and Renaissance humanists, French baroque gardens, the English landscape garden of Capability Brown and his followers. Here too are the gardens of the great modern designers, among them Roberto Burle Marx, Fernando Caruncho, Dan Kiley, John Brookes and James van Sweden.

Kitchens A Design Source

The kitchen is increasingly recognized as the heart of the home. No longer simply a place for cooking and storing food, the kitchen is also where meals are served and family and friends congregate, so there is every reason that it should be as stylish, comfortable, and functional as any other room.

Thai Street Food

One of the all time great cookbooks.Certainly the best Thai cookbook and the authoritative work on Thai Street Food by the man who knows more about Thai food than anyone else.


Beautiful pictorial survey of the Philippines; 120 illustrations, 112 color plates; bound on thick paper. Book divided into chapters on the geographic regions of the Philippines: Northern Luzon (including a chapter on Manila written by Imelda Marcos), Southern Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Palawan and the Sulu Archipelago.

Pop Culture

A big, fun photo romp through the century.

Cupcakes, Muffins & Baked Goods

A great cookbook packed full of recipes for sweet bakery items like cupcakes, muffins and sweet treats.

100 Greatest Trips

100 Greatest Trips, an invaluable and inspiring compendium of the year’s most distinctive destinations. 100 Greatest Trips points the way to the places you’ll want to go next. From Travel and Leisure magazine.

Wonderful London

Published in 1935 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee, this rare book is in very good condition for its age. The World's Greatest City Described by its Best Writers and Pictured by its Finest photographers, is the title page description.

Caribbean Style

Part photo essay, part design survey, Caribbean Style offers cover-to-cover color photos (more than 600 in all) of the landscapes, facades, and interiors of the alluring Antilles, a region "at once showy and down-to-earth."

Golden Book of Chocolate

Absolutely, THE chocolate recipe book ever. Beautifully presented with gilt edged pages like an old classic, this book has every chocolate recipe you could dream of - more than 300 of them. The source book for all chocaholics. This is a rare book, no copies are available on Amazon and has only one copy listed and that is for $141.50, so this one is a bargain.

The New Provencal Cuisine

Fifteen of the very best chefs this unique region has to offer, this cookbook offers 60 of their most inspired recipes, tailored for the home cook with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. This cookbook also explores the history and beauty of Provence, in a fascinating, full-color photographic sojourn.

China The Long March

Fabulous book on the historic Long March - great photos and illuminating text.

Designing with Roses

Probably the best and most useful book on Roses to be published in many years. Full of excellent photographs and well written, this book is more than just a showcase of how wonderful roses can look. It also a wonderful guide on how to use roses.

Military Aircraft

Excellent book of Military Aircraft in flight. Large format with aircraft separated into Bombers, Fighters, Helicopters, Surveillance and Transport.

The Shared Table by Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie Alexander has written about food from Australia with a fresh view of the culture, landscape, people and produce. Stephanie is an outspoken advocate of Australian produce. In A Shared Table, she travels to seven regions across and helps us change the way we eat and drink. Share Stephanie's pleasure in the friendships and flavours she encounters along the way.


Following the highly acclaimed Wisdom, Andrew Zuckerman now turns his unique photographic perspective to music. This new book includes fifty eminent musicians—artists, composers, producers, and performers from rock, rap, dance, soul, R&B, classical, country, reggae, pop, jazz, world, and more—who have made an impact on their genre, contributed to the larger conversation, and have a unique perspective on life.


Ask any man the first thing he would buy if he won the lottery and we guarantee you the answer would be - a supercar. It's what every real man and every alpha woman aspires to - a blisteringly fast V8 engine, achingly high-tech design and style that snaps the necks of passers by as they watch it sloping down the high street putting the saloons and hatchbacks of mere mortals to shame.

Cezanne and the Provencal Table

Here is the Provence that Cezanne loved, a rustic and truly authentic Provence, complete with more than traditional recipes, glorious full-color still lifes, reproductions of paintings, and vintage black-and-white photographs.

Rice Trails

Scientifically rice was a keystone in the 1960s 'green revolution,' the great leap forward which banished the centuries old spectre of famine in Asia. Rice Trails tells the fascinating story in this book full of wonderful photographs.

Cooking & Travelling in South-West France Cookbook

First published in hardback in 2002, this book has been described by Stephanie Alexander as ‘…a personal response to a beautiful part of France.’ Part travelogue, part cookbook, it is a celebration of an area many regard as France’s gastronomic heartland.

Across the Red Unknown

Across The Red Unknown is a skilled journalist's journey through an historic moment in time. During a journey across Russia by George Negus and a film crew, the Communist era ended. .

Full Circle

Palin and his associates spent nearly a year touring the Pacific Rim developing and videoing a BBC program. Libraries with devout armchair travelers should consider this well-written diary of an unusual trek.

Australia The Beautiful Wilderness

This book presents an exciting and sensitive look at wild and wonderful places in every state of Australia. It takes you on a journey to some of the most remote parts of the country and portrays the natural grandeur of Australian wilderness areas. Gorgeous book showcasing this magnificent country.

Wall Effects

An informative volume on decorative techniques, offering ideas on how to revitalize your old walls, create an eye-catching or simple background, or merely add a touch of visual interest to your room, this title serves as a comprehensive guide to decorating, disguising and transforming your walls.

Most Beautiful Villages of the Loire

Over 30 villages of the Loire and the surrounding countryside are described and illustrated in this book, which is completed by special sections on wine and food, and abbeys and churches.

The Flower Garden

With advice about how to make the most of your garden site, the author demonstrates many different approaches to grouping and planting flowers, with detailed descriptions of more than 200 flowering plants and recommendations for ideal planting partners.

World Travel - Guide to International Ecojourneys

An excellent comprehensive guide to international ecojourneys. Its elegant text and inspirational illustrations transport you to 68 great wilderness area from the rainforests of the Amazon to the peaks of the Himalayas and the deserts of Australia and everywjhere in between.

Under The Sun - French Cookbook

A visual feast of french country cooking recipes and photographs The book offers la cuisine du terroir, simple food, and fresh ingredients presented in a harmonious way. The recipes range across Southern France


This tie-in to the BBC TV series consists of Palin's journal entries, full of his trademark self-deprecating humor.

Extra Spatial

International design company IDEO is a leader in design, development, and technology innovation, creating interactive environments that span many disciplines and industries. Extra Spatial is the company's first survey of recent cutting-edge environments

Venice - The Art of Living

There are really three Venice's; the one that you can see from walking the streets and alleys, The one visible to you from the canals, and the one you never see. This lovely book takes you inside the grand palaces, and the everyday homes.

Unforgettable Walks

Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die is the fifth title in an exciting series of books that will help you search out essential sights and experiences around the world. Photographers and writers Steve Watkins and Clare Jones draw on their years of international travel experience in selecting thirty of the world's most inspiring, spectacular and beautiful walks, each of which can be done within the space of a two-week break.

Chateaux of the Loire valley

The architectural heritage of the French kings is nowhere as present as in the Loire Valley. Magnificent castles, sophisticated gardens and sweeping parks demonstrate both the monarchs' power and appreciation of art, attracting and fascinating uncounted visitors to this day.

The Idea of Delhi

This book is not intended to provide a historical account of Delhi or even the sequence of various events that have influenced its development. It is more about the ideas that have formed Delhi.

Thailand Seven days in the Kingdom

A beautiful coffee table book portraying Thailand in photographs that are worthy of the kingdom's profound beauty and its unique character.

Inside Ferrari

For three years, photographer Jon Nicholson was commissioned by Olympus (a sponsor of the Ferrari F1 team) to go behind the scenes at Ferrari and take exclusive photographs of the team.