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Echte Sinus Welle Spannungswandl
Real Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter for highest quality expectations
Battery Charger 1500W / max. 3000W 1500W / max. 3000W +ATS +UPS 3000W / max. 6000W 3000W / max. 6000W +ATS +UPS
The Pure Sine Wave Output Power is a natural voltage waveform as you get it from your electric socket at home.
A complicated construction makes the production for this kind of inverters more expensive.
Problematic to use with a Modify Inverter are following electronic consumers:
- Consumer with other COS Phi than 1 (capacitive or inductive loads)
- Consumer with phase angle control for example microwaves and ovens
- Other Consumers with sensitive electronics like coffee pad machines
- Energy saving lamps and other consumers with capacitive voltage divider
- Electric-powered motors such as chainsaws, drill, grinder, pumps, etc.
- Disturbances of picture (white strips) and sound (noise interference) with computer, note book, television, video and stereo equipment.
A overview of consumers where a Real Pure Sine Wave Inverter is recommendable and necessarily you can find here.