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Pure Performance Motorsport Pty/Ltd began manufacturing high performance 4340 and 6AL4V Titanium Connecting rods and 4340/Billet crankshafts over 20 years ago. With over 20 years of engineering and employee experience, Pure Performance Motorsport has grown to be one of the industry leader for innovative product design. We take pride in staying ahead of the competition with the latest high tech design and manufacturing advantages.
Top Sellers
Ford EB-EF-EL Forged Pistons + H-Beam Connecting Rods
AU $2,200.00
Ferrari F430 4.8L Stroker Kit Kurbelwelle Pleuel Kolben
AU $14,314.11
Ferrari 458 Italia 4.8L Stroker Kit Kurbelwelle Pleuel Kolben
AU 14,314.11
BMW S65-B40 M3 V8 84mm Stroker 4.7L Kurbelwelle
AU $10,593.50
Fiat Uno
GT Turbo 1.4l Forged Pistons
AU $839.63
Fiat Tipo H-Beam Conrods 1.6L 8V Turbo
AU $554.16
Lamborghini Gallardo V10 H-SHAFT Pleuel Conrods
AU $3,006.26
Nissan RB30 VL Turbo Conrods (H-Beam Rods) NEW!!!
AU $900