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I LOVE Enchanted Waters Products!

I have been using a combo of Enchanted Waters retinol serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and this vitamin C serum. My skin is FLAWLESS. Fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth (I’m 31, so these are becoming concerns) have vanished. I look like I’m in my early 20s. Not even joking. The products are not sticky, do not leave any residue, have no odor, and each bottle lasts me several months. (been using the same 3 bottles since Christmas... its now August!) I will never buy these serums from a different company. I LOVE these!

From: Leah V. 


This company has TRANSFORMED my skin. I have skin that would only improve with laser intervention. Scars, wrinkles, sun damage etc. I have tried EVERY product available to no avail, I have also studied in great detail the inner workings of the cellular matrix to try and attack the aging process by triggering fibroblasts and new collagen generation using the core anti-aging ingredients in higher concentrations. Needless to say, I know my S#@t. I have purchased both dermacloths, argeline & matrixyl 3000 serum, eye cream, retinol, glycolic 35% and am now waiting for their mineral foundation. My skin is GLOWING! It's still my skin, but I have needed to hide my face for years. I am already confident enough to be seen in direct sunlight! My wrinkles are almost diminished, the over all texture has actually changed, and my pitted scars are minimizing as well as my sun damage. The retinol is fantastic, my skin has purged and is now 10 years younger! This is the strongest concentration you can buy OTC, and this one is incredible. Now your skin must have the proper enzymes to convert it to retinoid form, but it is a miracle in a jar. It brought all the yucky stuff below my skin to the surface and its completely GONE! My pores are almost invisible! The exfoliation and cell generation have increased drastically, and my wrinkles are almost gone! I'm 34, so not a ton to diminish, but my youth has been restored. Every company promises youth in a jar, please heed my advice when I tell you, this company is unreal! A complete God send! There are no other words, from a girl with hopeless skin, Enchanted Waters has changed my life. I will continue to shop exclusively this company for all my skincare needs, as I have complete confidence in the effectiveness of every product they sell.

From: thejugdge 

Can't live without!!

I have been using your DermaSPA Face Cloth for quite some time, just bought my sixth! I've had professional microdermabrasion, a few at home gadgets and nothing is as good as this!!! One side is the microdermabrasion side, the other is softer, so if your not feeling it work, flip it over!! I seriously can't say enough good things about this cloth, your dullness will disappear after the first use, wrinkles will lessen over time. I actually use it nightly and will never be without it again!

From: Bretta T. 
I suffered from acne in my mid twenties. I was left with some red spots and acne scars and I have uneven skin tone as well. No matter how I washed my skin or what I washed it with, it always felt bumpy, like there were little tiny bumps all over my skin. WELL NOT TODAY! After using your products I am SHOCKED at the feel of my skin! It feels like NEW SKIN! It is so soft and it looks AMAZING! I am just amazed and so pleased with these products! I keep touching my face because it literally feels like my 2 year olds skin! WOW! I am hooked on your products and plan to let everyone I know hear about them! Thanks so much! These are incredible products!

From: Nikki NC.
I just wanted to let you know I have re-ordered a larger bottle of your RETINOL VITAMIN A. I cannot tell you how AWESOME it is. I will be 60 years old in July and have been looking for something to firm my skin. I don't many wrinkles and this product has made the ones I did have disappear completely. Not only that but it has firmed my face, neck, decollete, arms, hands and legs. I put it on right out of the shower so the water on my skin helps me use a minimal amount which goes a long, long ways. My jaw line has actually firmed up as well. This has inspired me to eat healthier and work out as I almost look like my "young" self again. I can't tell you how happy this product has made me feel about myself! Aging is not fun or pretty, but with this product, it can be. I look forward to a long, long time user of your product. I have attached a picture so you can see how GREAT my skin looks. Thanks so much for giving me hope and life again at age 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Judy T. 
Omg!! I cannot believe how well this African Fog soap works and instantly too on the first time I used it. I was broken out on my face not sure from what and I have a couple of acne bumps at any rate after the first use my skin was soft as a baby's bottom and as if that weren't enough...all the bumps that had been red and quite noticeable lost their redness and began to shrink away before my eyes. Even after I applied your Aloe vera gel my skin felt soothed and maintained its softness as the bumps continued to shrink. I cannot thank you enough for this soap. I gave a bar to my son for his shaving bumps and to my sister who has suffered bad acne all her life and has been left with scarring. It has worked miracles for them, I will keep you posted!!! Don't ever stop carrying this product...Im telling ALL my family and friends about this :)

From: Beverly P. 
My eldest daughter who will soon be 21 has suffered from eczema since birth. Quite extreme at times and especially when we travelled and she was exposed to different waters - we have tried absolutely everything (lots of those nasty chemicals too!)Nothing worked and it was a case of her having to just put up with it. UNTIL your soaps & cloth - the "miracle workers" we like to call them. The African Fog was amazingly effective with the Dermaspa Cloth. They nourish her and now even travelling is no issue as she takes her soap and cloth everywhere. Her body and face are now radiant. Me, I just love the way they make your skin feel and look. All the soaps give you a different sense - just love them! 

From: Sean K. 
I have been a loyal customer of yours for years. Bought many different products and they are all amazing. By favorite and most impressive one is your microderm acne cloth. I have used it myself and have impeccable results. Given ones as gifts to other friends, co-workers, my girlfriend and her girlfriends... all with amazing results. I gave one to 20 year old co-worker that had the worst acne I have ever seen with my own eyes. Within 3 months, his skin was completely clear and healed. You have mind-blowing products. 

From: Dawanna Y. 
I can't tell you what a blessing your African Fog soap has been to my life. I've got perfect skin for the first time since I was 13 years old! I'll be 31 this month. You cannot imagine how my life has changed since finding your soap last year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

From: Carly Y. 
I have been modeling since I was about 15. I recently stopped modeling because my skin had become less than desirable. I tried everything from professional peels to masks and every microderm-abrasion procedure you can think of! Nothing seemed to help. I just happened to stumble accross your hyaluronic and retinol serums. I figured that I might as well give it a try. I am SO glad that I did because I have never seen results like I have with these products! Not only are the pink marks gone, but I don't really experience my occasional breakouts anymore! My skin is firmer, softer, clearer and it just glows. I have had photographers and other models ask me what I use because they love the healthy look of my skin! I have never been more satisfied with a product in my life. 

From: Gina G. - RE: 
First off, I have severe melasma. That is black/brown spots on my face. Well the first night I used your cloth, I got out of the shower after washing my face and saw that skin was a little lighter. Okay, I thought. Well the next evening, I used the cloth and African Fog soap and washed my face in the sink. I noticed that the black/brown spots on my face were actually getting lighter as I buffed gently. I couldn't believe it. I buffed gently some more and it was lifting the dark patches right off the skin on my face. Well the next morning, my face felt very very smooth. I went to the mirror (Now this is after the second time I had used it) and blinked several times, I would say the melasma skin condition I had was knocked down by 75% after only two uses with the cloth. This is better than spending $100's at a salon for microdermabrasion.

From: Heather M.D. 
Steve, you have the best products on eBay. This is my third lot of purchases. I cannot believe what great products they are and also the efficiency and friendliness of your service. It is a pleasure to do business with you. I'm a family physician in Outback Australia, and have always had good skin until I moved here (I'm Scottish.) Now, patients are actually asking me what I use on my skin! I cannot recommend your facial products and serums highly enough. I have skin like a teenager again! My husband uses your Intense Therapy Cream for his psoriasis and it has improved out of sight. Thank you again for wonderful service. 

From: Kristi - 
I have the start of some Rosacea (Broken blood vessels) on my cheeks. I don't know if I'm dreaming this or what but can you believe my face is less red after using the Intense Therapy Cream. I'm amazed! It's like it washed the red right off! My face feels so clean and smooth! And my makeup just glided on! And actually for the first time in a longggg while I didn't feel I looked so bad without my makeup! Thanks so much! 

From: Caroline E.
I was studying for a big test and because I was stressing out my face was in a horrible shape. It looked so dull and it even started breaking out my face had never looked any worse... EVER... I tried so many things, i got facials frequently, proactive, nothing worked...nada. I had your facial cloth and soap, so I decided to give it a shot... it cleared my skin and my scars... i don't know how it makes my skin glow. That was about 6 months ago .. my skin is completely clear. This past month I burnt myself... the scar was small but noticeable... I'm using the facial cloth and I see progress, it's fading away! Thank you very much guys - It's awesome... I definitely recommend your products! 

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