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Positano ItalyHi, my name is Steve and I am the founder of Enchanted Waters.

The first product I listed on eBay is the (now infamous) "DermaSPA" Cloth. I discovered the microfiber material used in DermaSPA while on vacation in Positano, Italy (picture on left). Everyone there seemed so wildly excited about this miraculous material that I decided to take a closer look. After seeing the results for myself I became absolutely passionate about it. I discovered that microfiber truly is a miracle product and I was stunned by the fact that it works its wonders using only water. No harsh or irritating chemicals - Just Water! Then and there I decided that it was time for America to discover and share in its benefits. It is how I became involved with this product and eventually ended up here on eBay. 

DermaSPA became an overnight success and it didn't take long for me to become fascinated by skin care in general. I discovered that most of the commercial products out there are so loaded with harsh chemicals they do more harm than good. Did you know that 26 seconds after you apply anything to your skin it is in your bloodstream? I realized there are many people, like me and my family, who really are concerned with the chemicals that they put on their skin and absorb into their bodies. I am now dedicated to providing my clients with skin care products that not only contain no chemicals but are earth-friendly (Natural, Biodegradable as a flower petal, not tested on animals) and actually benefit the body both physically and emotionally providing "Natural Beauty from Nature's Bounty".

I believe that your skin should have a natural healthy glow. I personally guarantee this can be achieved with our natural skin care products. Our Cleansers and Toners prepare your skin to absorb the special emollients, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are in our very special Serums. The result is skin that feels soft, smooth, looks healthier and has a natural, more youthful glow. We hope you enjoy the opulence and good health these products offer as much as we do.

Enchanted Waters Mission:Sailing

Our mission is to offer the highest quality, earth-friendly products while remaining committed to providing our clients a lifetime of self-confidence through products designed to enhance their personal appearance and self-esteem. We aim to promote innovative solutions by natural methods- without chemicals, for the safety and health of our clientele and the environment. I, and the staff of Enchanted Waters, believe it is essential to treat each other, our clients and our competitors with integrity, respect, and dignity. We believe business should be conducted for the mutual benefit of every party involved, and to do less is unacceptable.

Happy Shopping and have a Fantastic Day,


One of my Passions... Sailing the Enchanted Waters.       


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