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Wind Instruments to Hire or Buy - How to Play Flute, Recorder & Saxophone -
Colored Wind Instruments
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Your Child Will LOVE Learning the Recorder With Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant & George the Giraffe.
You Can Learn to Play the Flute Today!
If You’re Learning to Play the Saxophone, then You’ve Come to the Right Place.
Jazz Saxophone
Learn the Art of Playing Great Jazz Saxophone Solos - Everytime

Free Sheet Music for Recorder
This free ebook contains three great tunes that you can play on your recorder.
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Sheet Music for Recorder
This delightful collection contains fifteen of the most popular nursery rhymes and children's songs of all time.
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The ability to play a musical instrument is a fantastic achievement, and it’s right within your child’s grasp. What better gift can you give your child or yourself?