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 We have been in the electrical repair and parts supply business for over 40 years and on ebay for over 16 years. From appliance pumps & hoses to vacuum bags & filters, we have found that the fast supply of inexpensive quality parts is crucial to customer satisfaction. Buy with confidence.
About us
AllFix Electrical has been in the electrical repair and sales business for over 30 years and have found that the quick and efficient supply of parts is crucial to customer satisfaction.

While we have done this locally, we now provide this service to a wider area. We specialise is getting the correct parts to you in the minimum time. We keep a huge range of vacuum cleaner bags, belts and accessories, appliance parts such as belts, pumps, hoses, etc. to suit all common makes and models and a huge range of electronic parts in stock. If you don't see what you need already listed, then contact us via email and we will list it for you. GST is included in all prices and a Tax Invoice is supplied with all sales.

We accept all forms of payment, including PayPal, secure online use of credit cards, bank deposit & cheques or money orders .

You can buy from us with complete confidence.
Useful info
Keep searches simple. Best results are obtained with one or two relevant keywords, model or part number. Also tick search in titles & descriptions.

If you can't find what you want or need to ask us a question, then click on the Contact Us link in the store header or the Contact seller link in the listings.

Before asking a question about an existing item, PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION fully to see if the answer to your query is already there.

Note - you do need to scroll down the page to read everything.

We try to answer most enquiries within 24-48hrs.
Do You Have a Problem With Your Transaction?

Item Not As Described.

We are the easiest people to deal with if you have a problem. If you have received an item which is significantly not as described, then most likely we have made a mistake and sent you the wrong item. We have over 10,000 stock items and occasionally mistakes are made. If we have made a mistake, then contact us immediately and most likely the correct item will be posted to you immediately. Postage for incorrect items that are returned to us is fully reimbursed. Sometimes when we are notified of the problem, we may even send a prepaid return package for the incorrect item to be returned in when we resend the correct item to you. Please be assured that we are always ready to admit when we have made a mistake and will always try to make amends as quickly as possible.

DO NOT use the eBay returns process or ask a question through ebay messages about "Item Not As Described" as by doing so we automatically get a defect against our account from eBay and then we are far less inclined to be helpful. Please contact us on (02) 60562944 or email

Item Not Received.

If you have not received your item within a reasonable time then please first go to your local post office and ask if it is sitting there awaiting collection. Often items are not left if no-one is home and although the contractor is supposed to leave a notification card in the mailbox it is common for that not to be done. This is particularly common for items delivered to blocks of units. If after checking at your post office, the item is still not located then please let us know. We will file a missing item claim with Aust Post for articles which have not been received within 3 weeks of posting. Thankfully, most items turn up long before this, even if Aust Post has dropped the ball along the way. Be aware that Aust Post reject most claims for missing regular post articles these days, so if you want the protection of full insurance for loss then please select registered post as the method of postage. Please allow sufficient time before becoming concerned if you are a long way from us. We are located on the Hume Highway on the border of VIC & NSW.

DO NOT ask a question about "Item Not Received" through the eBay message system as by doing so eBay automatically gives us a defect against our account and in that case we are far less likely to be helpful. Please contact us on (02) 60562944 or email

Item Received but Appears to be Damaged.

If you receive an item and find that it is damaged then please contact us immediately and tell us the nature of the problem. Items are packed as carefully as possible but occasionally some things can be damaged in transit due to rough handling by Aust Post or it's sorting machinery. While items are usually inspected prior to shipping, it is also possible in some cases that items with some minor damage slip through and are sent out without noticing. Where an item is damaged in transit, while we are not responsible for the performance of Aust Post, in most cases we will replace the item no questions asked provided we are provided with evidence of the damage. Most of the time this can be in the form of a photo emailed to us. Sometimes we may need to have the item returned to us if it needs to be returned to the manufacturer or supplier for credit due to being a manufacturing issue. Often, though, items damaged in transit will not need to be returned if a photo can be provided.

DO NOT go through the eBay returns process or ask a question through the ebay message system about "Item Not As Described" as by doing so eBay automatically apply a defect to our account and in that case we are far less likely to be helpful. Please contact us on (02) 60562944 or email

Item Received but Found to be Faulty.

If you have received your item and discover that it appears to be faulty from new then contact us as soon as possible. Items discovered to be faulty will be replaced as soon as possible but will usually need to be returned to us so that we can make a claim against the manufacturer or supplier. In some cases after we are notified of an apparent fault, we may offer some suggestions first to help establish if the item is indeed faulty and not just appearing to be so due to some other fault or operational problem. Please be aware that this process is not designed to fob you off, but rather to help establish that the item is genuinely at fault to save on backwards and forwards postage costs i it turns out not to need to be returned. All items sold are covered by our 3 month warranty against defects or faults and many items are covered by up to 12 months manufacturers warranty. Please be aware that with many electrical parts that damage can occur to them as a result of other faults in the appliance that they are fitted to and warranties do not cover this sort of damage. Also some items such as oven elements may only be covered if fitted by a licenced electrical contractor or manufacturer service agent.

DO NOT go through the ebay return process for or ask a question about "Item Not As Described" as by doing so we are automatically given a defect against our account by ebay and in that case we are far less likely to be helpful. Please contact us on (02) 60562944 or email

Filing a PayPal Dispute.

Generally it is not necessary to file a PayPal or eBay dispute if you have a problem. We are a registered and respected business that has been operating for a long time and we have an excellent record for customer service. All genuine problems will be responded to and acted upon as soon as we are made aware of them. We are only human and therefore can make mistakes, but we are only too willing to rectify those mistakes as quickly as possible. Please contact is first if you have a problem before filing a PayPal dispute. We are very easy to contact by email at or by telephone during business hours on (02) 60562944 or by fax on (02) 60563272 or by snailmail to Allfix Electrical, P.O. Box 701, Wodonga, VIC, 3689. If you call on the telephone and are put through to messagebank, then please leave a message and your telephone number and we will respond as soon as possible. Because we are so willing to help, filing disputes with ebay or paypal is usually not necessary. If, however, you do file a PayPal dispute for any reason without trying to contact us first to resolve the problem, then you WILL be placed on our blocked bidder list and will no longer be able to do business with us in the future, regardless of the outcome of any dispute. We will still try to resolve the dispute that you have if it is our fault, but will no longer deal in the future, so please try to resolve any problems by direct contact first. Other reasons that will automatically find you placed on our blocked list are abusive or threatening emails or phonecalls, posting false or defamatory public feedback or opening a return for not as described or faulty without first contacting us directly. Also guaranteed to get a place on our blocked list is making a purchase, failing to make a payment and then totally ignoring it. If you purchase something by mistake and want to cancel, then by all means contact us and we are only too happy to oblige. We are keen to keep you as a long term customer and we are always willing to help resolve any problems that may occur.

You can contact us on (02) 60562944 or email

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