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 We have been in the electrical repair and parts supply business for over 40 years and on ebay for over 16 years. From appliance pumps & hoses to vacuum bags & filters, we have found that the fast supply of inexpensive quality parts is crucial to customer satisfaction. Buy with confidence.
About us
AllFix Electrical has been in the electrical repair and sales business for over 30 years and have found that the quick and efficient supply of parts is crucial to customer satisfaction.

While we have done this locally, we now provide this service to a wider area. We specialise is getting the correct parts to you in the minimum time. We keep a huge range of vacuum cleaner bags, belts and accessories, appliance parts such as belts, pumps, hoses, etc. to suit all common makes and models and a huge range of electronic parts in stock. If you don't see what you need already listed, then contact us via email and we will list it for you. GST is included in all prices and a Tax Invoice is supplied with all sales.

We accept all forms of payment, including PayPal, secure online use of credit cards, bank deposit & cheques or money orders .

You can buy from us with complete confidence.
Useful info
Keep searches simple. Best results are obtained with one or two relevant keywords, model or part number. Also tick search in titles & descriptions.

If you can't find what you want or need to ask us a question, then click on the Contact Us link in the store header or the Contact seller link in the listings.

Before asking a question about an existing item, PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION fully to see if the answer to your query is already there.

Note - you do need to scroll down the page to read everything.

We try to answer most enquiries within 24-48hrs.

Terms & Conditions of Sale & Other Important Postage & Payment Information.

    Due to the ongoing costs of running this store, we have a small handling fee incorporated in the postage charge. In most cases this will only be $1.00 - $3.00. Aust Post changes to postage rates from time to time mean that we often have to update our postage rates across the board. While this is occurring there may be similar items which have different postage rates. This just means that one or more of the items are yet to be updated. Items will be posted at the rate that is in the listing at the time of sale. As Aust Post no longer has a 0-250gm rate for parcels, all small items now have the 0-500gm rate. Postage rates continue to rise at least twice a year. We try to absorb some Aust Post price increases but every so often we are forced to pass on the increased rates.

    When considering the cost of shipping, please take into account your valuable time and the price of your fuel driving around looking for an item when we can have it delivered to your door, often for less.

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    Many buyers are confused by our combined postage policy. This is not surprising as the eBay wording is very misleading. Basically, we offer combined postage on most listings for between $0.00 and $2.50 extra for each additional eligible different item purchased at the same time. Individual items may or may not also have an additional charge for extra same items. This is always outlined under the Postage & Payments tab within the individual listings. The additional postage for same items is next to each postage rate in the table. The amount in green above the rates table is the amount saved if the item is purchased in conjunction with another item. The item with the highest individual postage dictates the starting postage charge and any additional different items that are the same postage or have their postage charge discounted by the amount in green and then added to the starting postage charge. Exceptions to the combined postage for different items rule are where combined postage is not allowed because the item is heavy and/or bulky (ie some road freight items), and also some items that have calculated postage to different locations.

    If buying multiple items, don't pay for one with PayPal or online credit card or complete checkout before committing to buy the others or ebay will charge the full postage rate for each item. Instead, click on the Go Back to Seller's Store link and go back to purchase the other items you need before making any payment. That way the total combined postage should calculate correctly at the end. Alternatively all all the required items to the cart before proceeding through the checkout process. Because of eBay's & PayPal's inflexible policies and the difficulty of being able to correlate multiple purchases made separately into a common invoice then unfortunately if items are purchased and paid for separately they will be treated as separate transactions and posted separately. Since 6th May 2014 ebay is charging a final value fee on postage as well as the item value and this is not refunded by ebay so it is another reason why we are unable to apply combined postage rates after items are purchased and paid for separately. The ebay phone or tablet apps and the shopping cart have numerous bugs which often cause combined postage not to be applied correctly so if problems arise commit to the purchase without paying and ask for a total. The default postage method is trackable regular post.

    It is important if purchasing multiple items that the postage method selected for each item is the same. If it is not then the system will treat each item as a separate purchase to be sent by the method selected.

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    There are some items which deliberately do not have combined postage applied. These are usually items which require special large packaging of a certain shape to keep the cost down. When something else is added it then alters the overall size of the packaging in such a way that the postage rate increases dramatically. Examples of this are large dryer elements and long wall mounting brackets.

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    Express post & Signature on Delivery post options are available in nearly all listings. We may at our discretion send by Courier in some cases instead of one of the other currently offered Aust Post methods if we are confident that it is beneficial. All items sent within Australia have tracking. Aust Post usually deny any compensation other than actual postage cost for post items which are lost or damaged in the post unless extra cover is paid for. If you require postal insurance then you will need to request it after committing to the purchase but before paying and request a new total. There are a few exceptions to the normally offered shipping methods in cases where an item is too heavy or bulky to be sent by post. These items may have to be sent by Courier. Postage charges, particularly express post, to remote locations such as NT, WA & far north QLD may also cost more in some cases for items heavier than 5Kg. This will usually be stated in the listing, but if you are unsure please ask prior to purchasing. We reserve the right to change the express post rate in cases where it would be excessive due to excess weight.

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    Local pickup is available for anyone in the Albury/Wodonga area but for items purchased through ebay a small handling charge of $2.50 still applies to help offset costs. If you require local pickup please request it after committing to buy, but before making payment and a new invoice total and pickup times and location will be provided to you.
   PayPal is not accepted as a method of payment for local pickup but we do offer eftpos and all credit card facilities at the door. If paying by cash, please bring the exact amount as change is not kept on the premises. Sorry, but we do not have an outlet in any of the capital cities.

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    Overnight Express post is not available to all areas and not guaranteed overnight anywhere. It is your responsibility to determine if it is an advantage or not. Remote areas such as NT and WA can benefit greatly from the use of Express Post as it usually ensures items go by airfreight where possible. Note Aust Post provide no guarantee that it will get there any quicker than regular post if you are outside the overnight delivery network from here. We post from Albury, NSW, 2640.

    If you do want to receive something quickly, DO NOT use PayPal funded from a bank account. PayPal eCheques can take up to 6 working days to clear and we will not post an item until the payment has actually cleared. Similarly, personal cheques sent through the mail may take a few days to arrive and then another 3 days to clear. This can give the impression that we have not posted the item quickly when in fact the fault is with PayPal or bank clearance times. If an item is urgent then please contact us directly with your credit card details or use PayPal funded from a credit card or PayPal balance. Trackable & express post items are lodged by our post office so that there is no doubt as to when they were posted and also to provide a means of tracking the item through the Aust Post website. Courier items are trackable through the appropriate website.

    Delivery to NT, far noth WA & far north QLD can take several weeks, even with courier. Express post can speed this up considerably but not always. Large or heavy orders over 5Kg can be expensive to these areas, particularly by express post. Even Perth can take 6 days for express post. In 99% of listings I have fixed postage costs Australia wide and yes, we do lose money sending some items.

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    Our handling time for orders is specified as 5 business days due to ebay's policy of penalising sellers if items are sent outside the handling period, but 99% of items are sent within 1-3 business days. We endeavour to get express post items out as quickly as possible, but depending on the number of items that need to be processed, the size of the item and stock availability this is not always possible so overnight delivery is never guaranteed.

   Some items may not be in stock at the time of purchasing. This means that the item may have to be ordered in from one of our distributers. If we are are caught out of stock of an item and it can't be posted within the specified handling time, then you will be notified of any likely major delays. This situation is uncommon but due to the number of items listed and the number of different suppliers dealt with, it is unavoidable in a small percentage of cases. Other reasons that can affect handling time are holiday periods such as Easter , Xmas & other public holidays, insufficient reference details attached to direct bank deposits, PayPal eCheque clearance times and insufficient or incorrect address details. Note that the estimated delivery times for the various postage options are provided by eBay on Aust Post's advice have no basis in reality and are not endorsed by us but they do take our handling time into consideration. Our experience is that regular post can often take more than 6 days to some locations and express post to out of overnight delivery areas can take much more than 3 days. Courier is NOT 1-3 days Australia Wide as stated by eBay. In most cases, however, you will receive the item far sooner than ebay's estimates.

    In holiday periods we have experienced isolated delays of up to several weeks to even Melbourne or Sydney due to poor Aust Post performance at busy times. They deny this happens but we have ample documented proof that it happens all too often. Items sent by Courier may also suffer from this problem, particularly if going to an isolated area.

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    If paying by bank deposit please use your user ID as the reference. Using the item number for items which we sell many of can result in delays in your payment being identified. If depositing cash at a branch where no identifier other than a number is possible, then please use the last 4 digits of the item number and notify us by email that you have paid in this manner to ensure your purchase is processed as quickly as possible. Our bank details if required are provided by ebay after purchasing if bank transfer is chosen as the payment method.

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    Items sent by Courier are fully insured up to $1500.00 value and are trackable on their website and unless requested otherwise at the time of purchasing, will require a signature on delivery. I am not responsible for items lost or delayed by Aust Post. The tracking numbers uploaded to ebay will show when an item is posted. After that we have no control. If extra cover for loss or damage above $100 is required then you must request it prior to making payment so that we can resend a new total which includes regular post + signature + extra cover. Insurance cover through Aust Post is an extra $2.50 per $100.00 value or part thereof after the first $100. for items sent within Australia. All items sent without additional cover are sent at buyers risk unless under $100 value. Just selecting regular, express or even signature on delivery doesn't provide any guarantee of reimbursement for loss by Aust Post. If an item goes missing, I will do whatever is necessary in our power to try to obtain a refund from Australia Post or other couriers but as of the 1st July, 2011 Aust Post have had a major policy shift on compensation for lost items and the current situation is that it is almost impossible to obtain any compensation other than the actual postage cost and up to the first $100 value regardless of the amount of proof of postage provided if extra cover is not paid for. 

    I keep detailed records of invoicing, packaging & posting and can always prove if an item has actually been posted correctly and on time. If the item is sent by post without extra cover, compensation is limited to the actual postage cost and any discretionary compensation provided by AusPost. Please note that an AusPost investigation process can take 6-8 weeks within Australia. If I secure a refund, then the refund is passed onto you. If you do not want to accept this responsibility then we strongly advise that you request extra cover and a signature on delivery postage method. If an item is not received within a reasonable time, you should first enquire at your local post office and all other post offices within the same postcode to see if it is sitting there awaiting collection. For items that have not been received or located within 3 weeks of posting for delivery within Australia or for 6 weeks for overseas items, we will file a missing item claim with Aust Post. Any compensation offered is entirely up to Aust Post and if received will be forwarded to you. PayPal or credit card chargebacks for the full amount paid including the original postage charge for items that have not been received when no additional cover has been requested & paid for are considered to be in breach of our terms and conditions of sale particularly if a tracking number or other proof of postage can be supplied. If you choose not to pay for postal insurance cover, then you must accept some risk in cases where an item goes astray. This risk is now minimised for regular post due to the ability to track those items and automatic cover for under $100 value.

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    Parcels sent within Australia are now online trackable whether sent by regular, express or signature on delivery. We no longer sell internationally through our ebay store due to bad ebay policies and ebay's inability to present valid Aust Post shipping methods or prices. International buyers can purchase from our website.

    I have not had very many items go genuinely missing in the past 15 years.

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    I am not responsible for items damaged in the post unless the packaging is considered to be inadequate. If an item is received in an obviously damaged condition due to the packaging being physically damaged then please refuse delivery of the item. Our items always have return address labels attached, and items returned to us for this reason can be claimed against Aust Post if the damage is their fault and a replacement item will be forwarded to you as soon as the damaged item is received. Once you take delivery of a damaged in post item then you are responsible for making a claim against Aust Post yourself. If you receive the item and it is found to be damaged without any obvious package damage then please contact us as soon as possible. In most cases all we will require is a photo of the damaged item emailed to us and we will send a replacement. In some cases, however, the damaged item may need to be returned to us first for replacement. If the damage is not due to insufficient or inadequate packaging, then return postage is your responsibility, but any replacement item will be sent freight free. If the packaging is deemed to be inadequate then we will cover all costs of return and replacement. We do try to package all items to prevent any damage from occurring but occasionally problems do arise. We are always willing to accept responsibility for our own shortcomings.

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   Some time ago, Aust Post introduced "Do Not Safe Drop" labels. If these labels are not attached to a package or parcel then Aust Post may leave the article at your address in a safe place if you are not home and leave a card in your box telling you where that safe place is. If it then goes missing, they will not accept responsibility. Our experience is that many Aust Post contractors and posties do not leave articles in a safe place and in fact often leave them in full view of anyone walking past. A disturbing trend is that Aust Post contractors often fail to leave notification cards in the mailbox to inform you that the item is available for collection at the post office and worse still the post offices also often fail to issue a reminder card 5 days later as per their official policy. This can result in your item sitting at your local post office awaiting collection for days or weeks costing you Aust Post fees or worse still, returned to us as uncollected. When the red labels were first introduced, we were affixing them to all parcels, but because of Aust Post's failure to leave cards in many instances and repeated cases of items being lost at post offices after being taken back there, we have now stopped putting these labels on parcels, so if you require one to be attached then you need to tell us in a note when going through checkout.

    Items sent by Courier will require a signature on delivery by default. If this is inconvenient and you prefer to have it left at your door or somewhere safe, please tell us in a note when going through checkout and the special instructions can be added to the delivery label.

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    We do not send to addresses not specified in checkout. Please ensure that the postal address provided on eBay is correct. No responsibility is taken for items that are sent to the address provided if that is subsequently discovered to be wrong. Emailing us or messaging us with a different address does not guarantee that it will be noticed prior to the item being posted to the address provided by eBay or PayPal.

    If you have already paid using PayPal and have provided an incorrect address, please call us during business hours as soon as possible and also send an ebay message request so that we are able to refund and cancel the transaction before the item is posted.

    In cases of changed addresses if we receive notification that the address is wrong prior to posting the item, then the PayPal or credit card payment will be refunded less any unrecoverable fees and the transaction cancelled and you will need to repurchase the item and supply the correct postal address in checkout. For other payment methods a new invoice will be issued prior to the item being marked as payment received so that you can change the postal address. Items that are posted to the correct address as originally supplied will attract additional postage charges if they are returned to us as undelivered and need to be posted to a different address. In cases where PayPal or credit card has been used as the payment method, then these items will be cancelled and refunded as per our refund policy conditions and the item will need to be repurchased from the store with the correct postal address in checkout. To ensure quick and accurate postage with no delays, or additional costs, the postal address needs to be correct at the time of checkout.

    Note, also that items sent by Courier must have a street address. Courier deliveries can not be made to a PO box address. If a PO box address is supplied then the item will be posted by Aust Post instead if possible.

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    Despite eBay's efforts to make PayPal the only form of payment allowed, thanks to the ACCC we are still able to offer most of the payment methods we have offered in the past which includes direct bank transfer, bank or personal cheque & money order. Direct credit card payments are no longer accepted to our merchant account but can be made via PayPal.

    Bank details should be provided by ebay after the sale (please ask if they do not appear). Our postal address will be provided by eBay after purchasing if you choose to pay by cheque or money order.

    You can call during normal office hours to provide your credit card details for direct credit card payments. Note, these details are not stored electronically for security reasons. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex & Diners Club over the phone. Credit card payments using MasterCard or Visa can also be done online and are processed by PayPal.

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    In cases where we offer Local Pickup or Pay on Pickup then all of our normal payment methods are accepted if the item is collected by a registered courier. If collected at the door either in person or by an associate, then PayPal is not an accepted payment method. If paid by personal cheque, then photo ID and a signature are required. If cash is used, then exact funds must be provided as no change is kept on the premises.

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    Goods come with a satisfaction guarantee and we offer a full refund excluding postage and handling costs and less any unrecoverable fees under certain conditions if returned within 14 days.

   Items that are purchased by mistake or not wanted may be returned for a full refund less any original postage & handling charges and less any unrecoverable fees provided they are returned in sealed packaging if they were originally supplied in sealed packaging. Items must also be organised to be returned within 14 days of the date of shipping and this notification must be in writing either by email or ebay messages. In the case of electrical items, they must not have not been fitted or used in any way including the connection of any electrical terminals whether the item has been connected to an electrical source or not.

   It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive the returned item safely and in good condition, so adequate packaging to avoid damage in the post and also signature on delivery post is recommended.

   For items which are returned and don't satisfy our return policy conditions or common law provisions as setout by Australian Consumer Law, then a refund may be refused altogether or if accepted then a 50% or greater restocking fee will apply. This restocking fee will apply to items that have been removed from sealed packaging, are posted later than 14days from the original shipping date without any prior notification or have been fitted or used if they are actually accepted for return at all. Electrical items that have been fitted are not returnable unless covered by consumer law provisions.

   Any items which consist of multiple parts will not be refunded unless all of the parts are returned and in as new condition. Items must be returned with all original packaging, whether sealed or not.

   Electrical items which have a possibility of being damaged by the equipment they have been connected to will not be able to be returned or refunded at all if used or connected in any way other than if covered by consumer law provisions.

   Items which were originally sold with free postage will only be refunded the original sale amount less any unrecoverable fees and less the actual postage incurred by us to send the item. Eg if an item costs $50.00 with free postage and the actual postage cost is $10.00 then only $40.00 will be refunded. If paid by PayPal then the PayPal fees will not be refunded. Items which cost more to post than the amount originally charged will be refunded less the actual postage cost and less any unrecoverable fees. We keep detailed postage records so this information is always available.

   Note when refunds are done via PayPal, which will be the case if the original payment was made using PayPal, then the refund will usually not appear back in the originating account straight away, whether it was funded from a bank account or a credit card despite the fact that it leaves our PayPal account immediately. This is because of normal bank clearance times. Also as PayPal no longer refund any transaction fees, the fees charged by PayPal will be deducted from any refund provided for any reason whatsoever.

   Refunds for items which are paid for by bank transfer are done by return electronic bank transfer if you provide your bank details when you request a return. Otherwise if bank details are not provided then the refund will be done by cheque through the post.

   Postage costs for return of items sent by mistake by us or not as described will be completely covered by us. If you receive something in error or damaged without any evidence of poor handling by Aust Post, please contact us first by telephone during office hours. Our phone number is on the tax invoice sent with items sold. In most cases we will either provide a prepaid satchel for the return of the item or will reimburse you for out of pocket postage costs as well as refunding your original postage in the case of genuinely not as described items. We may require photo evidence of any damage prior to return. In some cases return may not be necessary at our discretion. Any necessary replacements will also be provided free of charge if the responsibility for the error is ours. In the case of damage which appears to be the fault of Aust Post, then the claim needs to be directed to Aust Post.

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    We are not a large corporation, just two people with a genuine desire to help you keep your appliance out of landfill. I have been in the electrical appliance repair and parts supply industry for over 40 years and as such have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am here purely to assist you to repair your appliance at the best possible cost. My ebay feedback is a testament to my honesty and dedication to my work. Thank you all for your past patronage and I hope you will continue to support us in the future. Thank you also for having the patience to read this far if you have read all the way through.


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